Living in Scotland before 1824 was hard. There are more blustery days than dry ones in the nation, and unless you had an umbrella – an irregularity at the time – running outside landed you with the genuine danger of being doused through. Most methods for waterproofing garments at the time included oiled textures, which were substantial, also putrid.

That was until the scientist Charles Macintosh and his innovation of waterproof material, which prompted to the present day parka. Mac, who was conceived 250 years prior on Thursday, has been commended with a Google Doodle demonstrating the rain skipping off him.

How was the Macintosh raincoat invented?

Charles Macintosh’s family moved to Glasgow when he was only 11 so his dad could set up a production line, and however the youthful Macintosh was initially utilized as an agent, he grew up amid the Scottish edification and gave as much time as he could to science.

Mac explored different avenues regarding different chemicals and found that naphtha – a by-result of tar – could disintegrate India elastic, found in trees, and that the subsequent glue could repulse water.

By sandwiching the covering between two bits of material, Macintosh could make a texture that, while the outside could get wet, would shield the wearer from water. In 1823, Macintosh was conceded a patent on the waterproof texture.

It was later asserted, in any case, that he had duplicated the technique from James Syme, a Scottish specialist.


The innovation had issues at first: placing sewing in the material could lead it to give water access, and it could get hardened in hot climate.

Tailors declined to go close it, and Macintosh set up his own particular organization, which was later converged with that of Thomas Hancock, who had a framework many saw as unrivaled, particularly once it began to utilize vulcanized elastic, which enhances its solidness.

Despite the fact that overcoats wound up in a wide range of pretenses and styles, and the macintosh turned into a sweeping term, the Mackintosh organization (the k was included by numerous scholars, and stuck) proceeded. It was purchased by Dunlop Rubber in 1925 and proceeds to the present day regardless of being on the precarious edge of conclusion in the 1990s, and its jackets now offer for many pounds after a move upmarket.