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The protests are said to be Romania's largest rallies since the the late 1980s when communism fell [EPA]video

Protests grow over corruption decree in Romania

https://youtu.be/IbXAY5flv1c https://youtu.be/MaR_xz_lgOY https://youtu.be/uasVx3tazyw The Romanian capital, Bucharest, has seen one of its biggest ever hostile to government challenges after an announcement was passed that could free many...

The most effective method to Get Long Hair, ASAP

Pixie trims, bounces, and medium length hair can all superbly outline a face, however when it comes time to develop out strands for another...

What’s slanting and event this week

1.Nothing says special festival like a grill with your family and companions. That is the reason the enchanting individuals at The Commons, Thong Lor,...